Giant Dutch Lego figure in police custody after washing up on Florida beach

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A Dutch guerilla artist is believed to be behind the appearance of a giant Lego figure that has washed up on a beach in Florida.

‘Ego Leonard’, who stands 2.5 metres tall, is being kept in police custody after he was found on Siesta Key Beach.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said if he was still unclaimed after 90 days he would be returned to the man who found him, Jeff Hindman.

The first Ego Leonard was found on Zandvoort beach, north of Amsterdam, in 2007. He has since washed up in the southern English resort of Brighton (see photo) and been taken on trips around the Netherlands, all documented on his own website.

Ego’s public appearances and his obscure slogan “No real than you are” have earned him a cult following on the internet. After it was reported that he was being held by the police, a Facebook page was set up with the title Free Lego Man From Sarasota County Jail

A press release issued by the sheriff’s office said he had been taken into “protective custody”, adding: “Mr. Leonard is being kept in a secure environment until his owner comes forward.”

Source: Mysterieuze Legoman achter de tralies
Photo by Jeni Rodger

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