PVV defends 'second job' politicians

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Two Freedom Party politicians have awarded themselves second jobs in local government - despite the practice being criticised by the interior ministry.

Cor Bosman and Michael Heemels, both elected to the provincial council in Limburg, named themselves as party employees, which entitles them to a second income.

When the practice first came to light, in the case of a North Holland councillor, the interior ministry said such a double role was “not recommended on grounds of integrity”.

Laurence Stassen, chairman of the Freedom Party (PVV) in Limburg, said giving politicians two roles was appropriate for “a young party in development”.

“If it had been forbidden in law, we would not have made this choice”, she added.

But Stassen refused to be drawn further when asked why it was acceptable for members of new parties to claim two incomes.

Source: De Volkskrant: Limburgse PVV'ers huren zichzelf in
Photo by Shirley de Jong

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