Dutch ‘occupy’ protesters defy wind, rain and capitalism

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Protests in the Netherlands inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement are on the rise, undeterred by the prospect of heavy rain.

About 60 tents were pitched on the Beursplein, home of the Amsterdam stock exchange, overnight on Monday.

The protest movement, which pitched camp in Amsterdam and The Hague on Saturday, has since spread to Groningen, in the north, and the eastern city of Nijmegen.

The protest camps in Amsterdam and The Hague have been given temporary permission to stay by city authorities. In the case of The Hague the authorization runs out on Friday. The legal status of the other two camps has not been decided.

The largest disruption came on Saturday, when about 1000 anti-capitalist protesters descended on Dam Square for a widely publicised march.

The protests have been largely good-natured so far, with demonstrators favouring satire over direct confrontation, rolling out mock red carpets at the doors of financial companies and burning mock banknotes.

Protesters heckled stock market workers with chants of ‘Our future not your business’ and ‘We won’t pay for the banking crisis’ as they arrived for work on Monday morning.

A survey by polling firm Maurice de Hond found a majority of people sympathized with the ‘occupy’ movement. Saturday’s protest was supported by 56% of those questioned, while 16% disapproved.

Source: De Volkskrant: Occupy Nederland biijft uitbreiden - ook bij slecht weer
Photo by Nico Kempe

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