'Free Morgan' appeal gains momentum as dolphin campaigners file complaint

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A group campaigning to return a captive dolphin to the North Sea has filed a complaint with the state prosecutor over alleged animal mistreatment.

The Orca Coalition is stepping up pressure on the Dolfinarium in Hardewijk to free Morgan, a killer whale who has been at the sanctuary for the last 15 months.

Morgan was found in a weakened state in the Waddenzee, off the north coast, after becoming separated from her pod and taken to the dolphin sanctuary to recover.

The Orca Coalition, a group founded to campaign for the dolphin’s release, say she is being kept in cramped conditions that deny her the freedom to swim, hunt and play.

They want her to be released back into the ocean to rejoin her family group, who are thought to be living in Norwegian waters.

The group says being kept in confined conditions is unsuitable for killer whales and makes them stressed and aggressive.

An earlier court judgment ruled that Morgan should remain in Hardewijk for the time being, after the group took its case to agriculture minister Henk Bleker.

The sanctuary has said it is bemused by the Orca Coalition’s demands and cast doubt on the wisdom of releasing Morgan into the open sea.

Spokesman Bert van Plateringen said: “The problem is that the area we are searching is enormous. Looking for Morgan’s family is like searching for a needle in a haystack.”

Source: De Volkskrant: Aangifte tegen dolfinarium om orka Morgan
Photo by Lisa de Vreede

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