Mother 'strangled 10-year-old daughter' at ex-employer's HQ

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A 10-year-old girl who was found dead at an office building in The Hague was apparently strangled by her mother.

The 38-year-old woman from Rotterdam was arrested on Tuesday after the child’s body was retrieved from behind the headquarters of CNV, the public sector union, in Carnegielaan.

Sources have told digital media station Omroep West that the woman, a former union employee, arrived at the office with her two children and was later found with her dead daughter.

The girl’s seven-year-old brother, who was unharmed, was taken to the police station before being released into the care of his family.

Police declined to confirm the story, but union spokesman Jan Spijk said the woman had worked for CNV until two or three years ago.

He said: “These events have hit everbody very hard. Each of us has had to speak to the police individually. It has been a long and emotional day.”

Source: Omroep West: Gevonden meisje gewurgd door moeder
Photo by Daniel Blok

Body of 10-year-old girl found behind office: mother arrested

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