Teenager arrested after Twitter threats close school

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A school has been closed after a teenager posted death threats against two pupils on Twitter.

Oranje Nassau College in Zoetermeer was temporarily shut on Thursday morning after a Twitter account which screens the network for death threats picked up 16 messages from the same account.

The messages included threats such as ‘You will die this week”, “Gun coming to the ONC Parkdreef on Thursday! Terror!” and “If I was these people aI wouldn’t go to school on Thursday if I didn’t want to die!”

A 16-year-old boy from another school was arrested by police at about midday on Thursday, but officers declined to say if the threat had passed.

A spokesman said: “I don’t know whether there are more suspects and we can’t be sure that the person we’ve arrested is the culprit.”

The school issued a letter to parents explaining that the parents of two pupils had raised the alarm after the threats were sent.

Jan Willem Bakker, director of the college, said: “The police informed us last night that there were grounds to take additional measures. Essentially this means that the police are putting the school and the surrounding area under intense surveillance.

“After consultation we decided to send the pupils home from 10.45am.”

Source: NRC: School dicht na twitterbedreiging – 16-jarige jongen opgepakt
Photo by Scott Beale/ Laughing Squid

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