Amsterdam nursery worker who abused dozens of children appears in court

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Two married men are accused of being at the centre of an international paedophile network that abused dozens of nursery-age children in Amsterdam and distributed the pictures on the internet.

Robert M, 28, and his partner Richard van O, 38, are accused of being among a group of 11 men that shared thousands of indecent images of children as young as two.

Nursery worker M has admitted abusing 87 children aged two and a half or younger, sometimes with other men. Police found 7000 pornographic images on his computer and 600 films, most of them supplied by himself.

Van O is accused of facilitating child abuse and distributing pornographic material.

Under Dutch media law defendants in court cases cannot be identified by their full names.

Other suspects in the case include a 47-year-old American, Robert D, from Milford, near Boston, and a 24-year-old British man who died last year from an ecstasy overdose.

The American’s arrest last November and the discovery of 27,000 pictures on his computer, including one of Robert M with a toddler, triggered one of Holland’s biggest child abuse investigations.

A Danish man living in Amstelveen and five Dutch men from Amstelveen, Den Bommel, Zaandam, Gouda and Kudelstaat have been arrested in connection with the investigation.

An eleventh suspect, a 50-year-old man from Dinteloord, committed suicide in March a week after being questioned by police.

M and Van O are appearing at a procedural hearing in Amsterdam-Osdorp today. The case is expected to go to trial next year.

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