Police to scan licence plate of every car driving into Amsterdam

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Police in Amsterdam are to screen every vehicle driving into the city for potential lawbreakers.

Het Parool reports that cameras originally introduced to check for polluting lorries will be used to trace aggressive taxi drivers and youth criminals from the end of this year.

The systematic use of scanned registration plates in law enforcement is a long-cherished goal of chief commissioner of police Bernard Welten.

Currently police are only allowed to use numberplate recognition in specific cases to trace suspects. In one recent example, the entry routes to prize-fight tournaments were monitored because police believed criminals were gathering there.

A spokesman for the city’s mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, said there was “no legal hindrance” to using the images even more widely in future, for example to trace muggers.

Research by police has found that such a scheme would be technically and financially viable.

Source: Het Parool: Digitale ring scant alle auto's
Photo by mooste

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