Top civil servant accused of raping teenagers

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A senior civil servant is facing accusations that he raped and sexually abused two Turkish teenagers.

Two men have claimed that the permanent under-secretary in the Ministry of Justice assaulted them in a hotel room while they were aged 12 and 16.

The public prosecutor’s office has confirmed it has received a single complaint in relation to the accusations.

Adele van der Plas, the men’s lawyer, said one of her clients had been interviewed by police in connection with the allegations.

The men claim they were snatched by the Turkish police, taken to a hotel room and raped.

A third man has contacted the ministry to claim he was sexually abused as a boy by the senior civil servant. Van der Plas says a formal complaint is imminent.

The official was the subject of an earlier investigation after convicted murderer and drug baron Huseyin Baybasin alleged he was the victim of a set-up designed to prevent him disclosing information about the official’s alleged paedophile activities.

On that occasion a preliminary investigation by the public prosecutor concluded that there were “no grounds whatsoever” to begin proceedings against the official.

Source: De Volkskrant: Aangifte verkrachting tegen topman justitie
Photo by Dave Conner

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