News headlines for November 1, 2011

Asylum seeker Mauro offered one last chance as coalition creaks

Teenage asylum seeker Mauro Manuel has been given a lifeline in his fight to avoid deportation after one of the governing parties decided he should be given the chance to apply for a student visa.

Teenage asylum seeker 'disappointed' as latest deportation challenge fails

Hopes that a deal may be struck to allow Mauro Manuel to stay in the Netherlands appear to be fading after two attempts to stop the 18-year-old's deportation were blocked in parliament.

Economic crisis brings down Amsterdam Airlines

Struggling airline Amsterdam Airlines has grounded its flights and announced it will be laying off all staff with immediate effect.

Are drugs legal in the Netherlands? Not if you're the taxman

A politician who wants to tax soft drugs in the Netherlands has been told he can’t - because they’re illegal.

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